If the ambient temperature is always lower than the temperature required in the electrical enclosure, then Filterfans® represent an economical solution for thermal management of electrical enclosures. Filterfans® are the ideal solution for clean, non-hazardous environments with an acceptable ambient (outside the enclosure) temperature range.

When the amount of heat being removed from your enclosure is minimal, the use of PFA Exhaust Filters can be effective.  This method usually provides less of a cooling effect than is necessary with today‘s components.

Important for the use of Filterfans®:

  • Use Filterfans® to force the surrounding air into the electrical enclosure, so that a slight overpressure builds up inside the enclosure.
  • The surrounding air enters the electrical cabinet exclusively via the Filterfans®, which ensures that it is filtered.
  • Install the Filterfans® in the lower third of the electrical enclosure and the exhaust filter as close to the top as possible. This assists the natural convection of the air and avoids hot spots within the enclosure.

UL Listed Certification

The first true globally manufactured UL Listed Type 12 Filterfans®. Save time and money certifying your panel to UL508a.

Highest Airflow & Protection

With our flow optimized fins and rotor blades, the Filterfan 4.0™ reaches a particularly high airflow and at the same time providing a Type 12 and Type 3R system of protection. The flat-profile, uni-colored design complements modern machines and plants.

Tool-free Installation

Pfannenberg’s patented click mechanism on our Filterfans 4.0™ have a unique patented 4-corner fastening system enabling safe and quick, tool-free installation allowing the filter medium to be replaced in seconds.

Superior Filter Design

The fluted filter mat’s folded structure provides an unrivaled airflow guaranteeing Nema Type 12 protection, while also extending the filters lifetime 300% longer than conventional filter.

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