Pfannenberg Cerman Technologies

Since 1958 Rfannenberg is a medium-sized company located in the north German city of Hamburg has been a technological leader in thermal management of electrical enclosures and also visual, audible signaling devices for security fire, building,industrial process, disaster warning and hazardous area applications, as well as light art and illumination projects_

Phannenberg offers a wide selection of enclosure cooling units and controls including air conditioners, air to air heat exchangers, air to water heat exchangers, heaters and thermostats_ In addition to thermal management their product offering includes filter fans, exhaust fans, and filter media that meets the highest class of particulate and water filtration_ Pfannenberg also manufacturers packaged ready-to-connect chillers for liquid cooling and a wide selection of audible and visual signaling products. Contact our experienced sales staff can assist you today to discuss the requirements &your specific project

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