Pfannenberg stands for standard compliant signaling, warning and alarming devices. Plus, Pfannenberg 3D-Coverage visualises the actual performance in a given space for every application.

Indication – Warning – Alarm

Global competition pushes the automation of industrial manufacturing processes onwards. This leads to complex systems and tightened safety standards. We know how hazards arise. That’s why it is our goal to advise planners, procurers and those responsible for safety regarding signaling solutions with highest security.

As the first manufacturer, we make it possible to use the spatial performance of signaling devices for planning. By visualising the capacity of each signaling device to cover the whole room, we ensure highest planning and safety quality. In this way, we can also determine the cost and energy consumption per cubic metre of signaling area. Thus, we provide solutions for our customers which meet their requirements and ambient conditions exactly.

Service partner for visual & audible signals.

Customer and service friendliness come first for us: Therefore, we offer 10 years´ warranty on flashing lights, sounders and flashing sounders from the PATROL-, PYRA®-, DS- and Quadro series. The reliability of our high quality products is proven by numerous certificates that are recognised all over the world.

The Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS) developed by Pfannenberg helps to select the right signaling solution. We also support the construction work of our customers with tender specification texts.

Indication – Warning – Alarm

PATROL Series: Sounder and combined visual/audible devices for industrial use.

PATROL stands for Pfannenberg’s Advanced Technology Range Of Loudness. It provides a range of sounder and combined visual/audible signaling devices for industrial use.

Three dimensional innovation:

  • SAFE: Virtually impossible to install wrongly.
  • EASY: Significantly shorter mounting and installation times.
  • ECONOMICAL: Extremely high acoustic efficiency and high penetration of acoustic obstacles reduce the amount of sounders required.
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