Hyundai Magnetic Contactor HGC32, Power 15kW, Coil 440Vac

Enhanced Safety

– Front Protection Cover
•Minimize foreign input
•Prevent unexpected operation due to user’s error
Sealed Structure of Mounting Hole for Auxiliary Devices
•Obstructed by contact bridge when MC is ON / OFF
Removable Terminal Cover
•Applicable for main contact, auxiliary contact, coil contact

Improved Customer’s Convenience

– Upper Arrayed Auxiliary Contacts
•Easy wiring control cable. (default, 2a2b)
Easy Coil Replacement Structure
•Easy maintenance and replacement in attached status on switchgear
Various Attachment Methods on Switchgear
•DIN rail and screw type

-Technical Information
.Model: HGC32
Rated Insulation Voltage[Ui:] :750 V
Rated Operational Voltage[Ue] :690 V
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage[Uimp]
:6 kW
Rated Thermal Current [ Ith ] (AC1) :55 A
Mounting Method: Screw & DIN-rail
Main – 1NO1NC or 2NO2NC
Auxilliary – 2NO2NC
Dimensions/ AC: 45 x 99.6 x 96.6 mm
Weight/ AC: 0.5kg
Dimensions/ DC: 45 x 99.6 x 129.5 mm
Weight/ DC: 0.65kg

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