M12 connection technology is a widely used standard in the industry. Therefore, Pfannenberg offers a wide range of ready configured signaling devices.

Whether visual or audible signaling devices, combined devices in all performance classes or signal towers and obstruction lights – all of these signaling devices can be integrated into your systems and applications even faster thanks to M12 connection technology.

The advantages of M12 connection technology in brief:

  • Increased machine and plant safety by avoiding wiring and connection errors, since the devices no longer need to be opened for assembly.
  • Circuits do not have to be interrupted or switched off during maintenance, conversion or replacement of devices – this saves time and money.
  • Assembly and set-up times are considerably shortened or simplified.
  • One of the most important criteria in mechanical and plant engineering is met – safety in connection technology.
  • High flexibility and acceptance by planners and users due to simple plug-in technology.
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