Reliable obstruction lights are vital in making high-rise buildings, towers and wind turbines visible to passing aircraft. At night, twilight and during bad weather and poor visibility, Orga Obstruction lighting ensures that tall assets are always safely visible to aviation.

To guarantee the optimum safety of your wind turbines, high-rise structures and telecom installations in all circumstances, Orga has developed a complete series of smart obstruction light solutions. Our smart light system consists of HighMedium and Low Intensity LED obstruction lights, a visibility meterhelihoist lightsystem controllersjunction box and a battery backup system. All products are suitable for use both onshore and offshore. It’s thanks to their optimum design and build quality that you can use obstruction light products for the most demanding applications and in the most hostile of conditions, from the sub-zero temperatures of northern Alaska to the searing heat and sandstorms of Dubai.

Our Obstruction lighting products

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