As ambient light levels rise on manufacturing floors around the globe, Pfannenberg’s brightest Tower light / Stacklight™ becomes a necessity. Impossible to ignore, our new stacklight exponentially outshine our previous LEDs by 10,000%. Now your operators and managers have a more visible indication of status. And when combined with a sounder module—a distinctive audible warning as well.

The easy-to-assemble component architecture supports up to five interchangeable modules.  Select from intense LEDs and filament bulbs for continuous or blinking operation as well as hi-visibility flashing xenon tubes. Whether you install the brightest Tower Light / Stacklight™ on cabinets, machinery frames or junction boxes you’ll find a matrix of mounting options that will add to the safety, productivity, and style for your facility.

Mounting options include direct-to-base, tube-and-bracket, and tube-and-stand (plinth). An optional wall-mount bracket creates a clean look.

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